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Driving Tips For Parents

As parents, we all know that driving with kids in the car can be very stressful at times, with ongoing distractions and child safety regulations. We’ve put together some tips on how you can improve the safety of your driving as a parent.

Keep everything attached:
No child wants to feel the impact of a plastic toy hitting them in the face on a car journey, or even lose their dummy while driving on the motorway. So why not attach them to car seats where possible to prevent them from being dropped or thrown around the car, which can be a significant distraction, especially when there is nowhere to pull over!

Invest in mirrors:
Nowadays you can buy mirrors which fit most cars. You can attach them to the headrests of the seats or the car windscreen so that you can see what your child is doing instead of worrying what they’re up to.

Sun protection:
Not that we get much sunshine in the UK, the worst feeling is having your child being blinded by the sunlight when travelling in the car. We suggest getting sun visors that can be attached to the door window to help avoid discomfort for your child and risk to their health.

Child backpack:
With younger children, you may have a backpack which is used to carry their food, drinks and other accessories. Keep these to hand and safely in the footrest. You can also place these in the boot, but if you have to pull your vehicle on a busy road, you could be at risk from being hit by oncoming vehicles.

Double checks:
Never underestimate the safety aspect when travelling with children. Double check the child seat is fitted correctly and secure. Don’t forget to check the child door locks as well as the child locks on the window.

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